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Welcome to Hellbound!


Welcome to the Official website of hellbound, if you're planning on joining please register with your in game name of your main characters. If your name happens to be taken, please use your main character's name with an _HB behind it. Also, if you attend to raid, please read the post called "Guild Weekly n' Raids"... In fact, it would be nice if guild members just read all postings....


* Classic *

This guild website can also be used for those that play on the horde side for the horde version of "Hellbound". The guild is called "Classic" And we're looking for more people from Hellbound to join us! It's nothing big, just leveling and having fun! Contact Naevia or Shayda (Sharaku), Filntok (Sim), or Myromage (Oh, I wonder who this is?) for an invite or more information! There is no expectations for this guild, we just wanna make it grow with members that we know and love as Hellbound. :) 

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Sharaku, Aug 21, 10 6:29 AM.
Guys please when you Pug, be nice, respectful and a good representation of our guild. We will not tolerate any "Elitist jerk" attitude. If you see guildless people with low gearscore or high gearscore throw them an invite. if they Join is their gain. Be friendly. lets make this grow even more. Anyone is welcome.

Guild Weekly n' Raids ** Please Read**

Sharaku, Aug 21, 10 6:25 AM.


We expect ALL raid members to be equipped with flasks, buff food, gear repaired AND reagents!! You have all day to get yourself ready for this raid! Do not waste our time as soon as it comes raid time. We want to be prepared and ready to roll as soon as 9:30 rolls around!  

Guild Updates

Sharaku, Jul 5, 10 6:56 AM.
Thursday, August 19, 2010

There are no current updates to display.

Current Plans and Goals!

ozval, Jun 22, 10 12:22 PM.
Currently, we're building the website to include a little of everything. Please encourage guild members to join, we need all the people on here we can get! Let's make this guild site as active as possible. Chat's are open discussion, please be civil! We do not tolerate rude and obnoxious people, or elitists for that matter!

Raid wise, we're still building. Please choose a main talent which you want to gear as. Whether it be a Tank, healer, or DPS, we expect you to do your best to help the guild be the best it can possibly be! And most important recruit! We're low on numbers for an active raid to take place every week without using a PuG, let's try and have a full guild core group up and running within the month, and before Cataclysm comes out.
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